Spirulina – Magical Herb for Weight Loss

Spirulina herb

Off-late, a lot of people especially those who are motivated to get back to a healthy weight in a quick and easy way are using this herb, spirulina, which is said to be magical when it comes to weight loss. So, here’s a small insight on a few facts and information regarding this herb.
First and foremost, Spirulina is not a plant or a seed or any other plant product. It is a cyanobacterium, which is consumed by humans and animals. You can often find cattle chewing and munching on spirulina near waterbodies. Humans have been consuming this since a long time and recently, the hype of spirulina has gone high as some articles have come up claiming it to be a super food, with regards to weight loss.
It was used as a feed for aquarium, poultry and aquaculture initially, but seeing its benefits, people have started to consume it in the forms of tablets, flakes and powder. It is a major dietary supplement that is used in many weight loss programs because of its high protein content. Studies have shown that hundred grams of spirulina consists of around 55 grams of protein.

Reasons why it is considered as a magical herb:

  1. It detoxifies your body by eliminating the toxins in the body through improved excretion
  2. Protects your oral health
  3. Along with aiding in weight loss, it is also observed that the individuals who take this supplement tend to stay away from ailments like cold and cough.
  4. Help prevent cancers
  5. Lowers the blood among those individuals who have high blood pressure.
  6. Reduces cholesterol.
  7. Lower chances of stroke.
  8. Boosts up your energy.
  9. Speeds up your metabolism.

The nutritive value of this herb speaks for the said benefits mentioned above. Other than that, there is no scientific evidence or study which proves that Spirulina has the said medical and health benefits.
Because of the above-mentioned proclamations, people who are looking for weight loss, use it in amounts and thus fall prey to a lot of side-effects. A few of the common side-effects or reactions of consuming it on a regular basis and that too on heavier doses.

Common side-effects or reactions:

  1. Your liver, which purifies all the impurities and keeps your body clean might not be able to keep up with the number of spirulina you consume every day.
  2. It can initiate indigestion and lead to stomach pain as well. One will need some time to adjust to the supplement as the body must accept it. Or it is advised to have the supplement before going to bed. It is advised against consuming in empty stomach as the good diet is very important while taking supplements.
  3. Nausea and vomiting are common reactions one faces when consuming this herb.
  4. Weakness and increased thirst are the results of consuming it in excess It speeds up your metabolism to such levels that you tend to feel weak very quickly.
  5. An increase in the heart beat is a side-effect of spirulina, because of its interference with blood pressure. For those who are hypertensive, consuming spirulina in right amounts can be beneficial but for normal individuals, the interference with blood pressure can be lethal as well. In extreme cases, it can even lead to shock or death.

Consuming in limited quantities may possess side effects only if the individual’s physiological systems is not able to accept the supplement. Health professionals and experts believe that pregnant women or children should not consume spirulina.
However, one should decide whether to consume spirulina or not, based on what his/her health provider, physician, or the doctor says. If you want to learn more about this herb or if you have any queries or doubts regarding it, let us know by dropping your comments below the article so that our nutritionist team can get back to you.