Know Whether your Beverages Healthy or Not?

healthy beverages

Do you know what are beverages? – They are nothing but something that you can drink other than water. Beverages are part of our daily meal. 90 percent of the world population needs a beverage to start their refreshing day and to keep hydrating themselves during the day. Significantly, beverages are classified into two types;

Non-alcoholic Beverages:

  • Non- carbonated- Tea, coffee, fruit juice, cold-pressed juice, fruit nectar, flavoured water, maaza etc.
  • Carbonated- Energy drinks like red bull, sports drink and Soft drinks such as soda, coke, etc.

Alcoholic Beverages:

  • Fruit- Distilled- Brandy
  1. Non-distilled- Wine
  • Grain- Distilled- Whiskey
  1. Non-distilled- Beer

Good beverages & factors:

Tea, coffee, fruit juices, cold-pressed juices, fruit nectar, brandy, wine, whiskey, and beer are the good beverages which you can take whenever you feel thirsty but in a certain amount. 2 cups of any of them in a day considered as a healthy consumption. Over -consumption leads to health related problem.

  1. Beverages like tea and coffee contain required amount of caffeine which works on your metabolism (metabolism is a chemical reaction involved in the living state of the organisms and cells), burning fat and improving your energy levels and because of the caffeine portion, they could be a good stress buster.
  2. Fruit juices, cold-pressed juices, and fruit nectar-loaded with vitamins and minerals which keep you fresh and safe from several disorders (like night blindness, scurvy, osteoporosis, anaemia etc.).
  3. Alcoholic beverages (brandy, wine, whiskey and beer) may lower your heart risk as they content anti-oxidants. It also prevents common cold and cough. It can improve mental health by controlling your stress levels. But be sure and consult with a nutritionist regarding portion.

Bad beverages & factors:

Energy drinks and soft drinks are worst beverages in the world.

  1. Energy drinks contain a high amount of caffeine. If caffeine content increases in the body, the body undergoes dehydration, yellowing of teeth is observed when caffeine content increases, brain hormones are affected due to over consumption of caffeine, sleep disorders are seen in many people because of over consumption of caffeine.


  1. Soft drinks loaded with sugar which provides free calories and interferes with blood glucose levels, obesity, stomach ulcer etc. pH decides the acidic nature of a liquid. Soft drinks pH level is above 3 which means the acid level is quite high. Henceforth, these drinks can dissolve enamels of teeth and deformation of the bones.

Some General Guidelines:

  1. Commercially produced good beverages especially fruit juices, cold-pressed juices, fruit nectar and flavoured water doesn’t maintain proper hygiene as their first priority will be production.
  2. They content lots of sugar to give empty calories to your body.
  3. They use many preservatives which affect several body functions.

So, try to prepare all good beverages at home. Beverages give a refreshing feeling but how healthy they depend upon on their consumption and making methods. Eat and drink well for a better and healthier you.
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