LeanSpoon – We Strive to Give the Best for You

LeanSpoon - We strive to give the best

Can nutritious food be tasty? Can a diet plan, or fitness schedule be fun and easy? Can a nutrition counselling be simple and not involve fear-mongering or aggressive selling?
Have you ever wondered if this is even possible? Cause we did, and it is possible and fun; we built a Nutrition advice and food solution for real people, like you and like us.
It took a lot of effort to pull it all together and make it great through a lot of intellect, hard work, and fun. Here is a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes;

The Counselling Team of Leanspoon:

The nutritionists’ team provide each and every person with a personalised attention. The team reviews each individual’s information to provide the accurate and positive guidance to them. And when they are stuck, the technical advisory board is available to guide them. They also spend most of their day following-up to motivate, challenge or convince each person to get to their goals.

The Culinary Team of Leanspoon:

Our sous-chef and his team of professional chefs are passionate about making food into a culinary experience. They take any restriction thrown at them, by the Nutrition team, and then come up with amazing concoctions that make you wonder why you ever ate anything else.

The Cool Team Leanspoon:

‘the admin team’, or the cool team, as they like to call themselves, are the mechanics of the LeanSpoon, they keep it running smoothly and fix things for the core team. They are also the champions of our indoor, no off-side, if-you-hit-the-window-you’re-out ‘galli cricket’.
This set of diverse individuals have come together to build something very special, ‘A healthy lifestyle subscription’, that includes nutrition advice, regular follow-ups and lunch packs – a combination that is natural, healthy and effective. No fads, No gimmicks.
Do test it out, create an account with LeanSpoon today!