Why is cheat meal important?

For someone who is conscious of diet, would understand the importance of cheat meal. But how many of us know what an ideal cheat meal is and how it should be included in the diet? Cheat meal becomes a bridge between your diet and your cravings. It can be included once in 10 days, in right proportions. It has seen that the same diet followed for more than 10 days can lower the metabolism, hence having a cheat meal which contains fat and calorie can boost the metabolism. It refers to indulge something which is not part of your diet and usually, this includes junk food like pizza, burger, fries etc.

Including cheat meal can bring some question like –
•    What is the purpose of a cheat meal?
•    How often and how much you should eat?
•    Is it hampering your diet?
What is the purpose of a cheat meal?
Cheat meal acts as a reward for following a diet throughout the week, it helps you to stick to your diet plan. Most of the time people get offended and irritated with their diet as they usually cut out of their favourite food, hence, including one meal with their favourite food can bring mindfulness and helps to keep them self-motivated.
How often should you go for a cheat meal?
The concept is “cheat meal”, not a “cheat day”, opting for a cheat meal is best after a heavy workout. It is helpful if you include it once in 10 days with one meal only. It is advised to have low-calorie diet after opting for a cheat meal. You can eat until you are satisfied, but you should not stuff yourself with food. For example, 2-3 slices of pizza or 1 small burger can be a part of your cheat meal.
Is Cheat meal hampering your diet?
If you follow the purpose and technique of having a cheat meal, it cannot hamper your diet flow, it serves only help with long-term diet adherence. There is a rule called 90/10 to follow a healthy cheat meal, stating that 90% you will stick to your diet and 10% you can indulge a food you like as a part of a cheat meal.
Let’s know two tips for cheat meal –
1.    Don’t get crazy – A properly done cheat meal involves sanity and control. Though cheat meal defines that you can eat something you love and which you do not eat but in a moderate quantity.
2.    Don’t make it a regular habit – Some people only want to have a cheat meal on occasions like any holiday, festivals, wedding parties and few people include it frequently, but having a cheat meal is good once in 10 days.
Cheat meals usually save the motivation for being on the diet for a longer period. Dieting is tough and demotivating if you completely avoid the food you love. So, it’s always good to have a cheat meal to make yourself happy and healthy.
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