Tips to transform your negative stress into positive stress

Negetive to positive stress tips

Stress is a parameter which measures your mental well-being. It could be positive or negative. Positive stress is always good for you as it pushes you towards your excellence and gives you a reason to strive hard. Whereas a negative stress can demotivate you and bring down your work productivity. So, it is very much important for you to turn your negative stress into a positive direction.

Here are a few methods and tips to fight the negative stress;

Smile at your problems

The ideal way to fight your problems is with a smile. Make yourself stand in front of a mirror and have a proper look at your face. The angry, sad, frowning expressions will not look that good on you. Force a smile on your face and that will automatically resolve half of your stress.
When you smile, blood rushes to your brain and provides better oxygen to your brain cells. This will aid in better brain functioning, thus relieving the stress.

“I am not the victim”

Say this to yourself again and again. The first negative thought that seeps into your brain is ‘I am the victim”, when you’re facing a problem. Kill that thought and repeat to yourself that you are not the victim. Believe that it doesn’t affect you and everything will be fine.

Don’t talk about it

You might feel the need to talk about it to someone while you are under stress, but make sure that you don’t talk about it. When you talk about it, the thought or the effect of it will double. So, try not to talk about it.

Give yourself a ‘pep’ talk

Give yourself a mental self-assurance that everything will be fine. Read famous quotes about motivation and self-motivate yourself about the situation. More than others cheering you up, you can make yourself feel better in any situation.

Be with people who make you feel better

Stay in company of the people who give you positivity instead of those who only have negative things to say. When you are surrounded by people with good thoughts, there are high chances of their positivity rubbing off on you, thus making you feel better.

Be in the company of healthy food

Healthy food has always had a positive impact on the people. When you are stressed, eat healthy food. Many eat junk to relieve stress but healthy food can do wonders to your mood on a greater level.
When everything is going wrong, if you eat healthy, you can self-assure yourself saying that at least
you are eating healthy and saving your health. In adverse situations, good health will always stand by you. So, munch on a fruit or eat dry fruits when you are stressed instead of opting for junk food.
These tips will help you to transform your stress in a positive direction. Give them a try and live your life to the fullest with positive stress and positive thoughts. If you have any thoughts on this which you’d like to share with us, then write to us at so that out team can read into your thoughts.
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