LeanSpoon is about you and your Health.

Weight Loss in Hyderabad Leanspoon Diet and Nutritionist advice Club

We created LeanSpoon to make professional nutrition guidance and tasty healthy food accessible. It was created with you, and ourselves, in mind.
With personal and professional demands of the 21st-century life in India, nutrition and health have taken a backseat and people realize, often too late that, both are an integral part of one’s life that can’t be ignored or procrastinated.
But if you chose not to ignore or procrastinate, what choice did you have? – Cooking for self and family; but do you really have the time or the skill for it? Hire a maid; what does she know about nutrition or hygiene? Hire an expert; is that affordable, or convenient?
We asked these questions last year, and the lack of options was frustrating, so we decided to be the solution. Thus began the journey which became LeanSpoon, a team with a common purpose, that evolved from a personal challenge to shared vision…

‘Access to personalized nutrition advice & food, for all’

With that vision, LeanSpoon coupled Nutrition advice with food as both of them are the sides of the same coin – because taken together, it helps a person manage their health goals more effectively. But what exactly do we stand for?

LeanSpoon stands for

  • Professional and personalised nutrition advice that is rooted in science.
  • Food that is a culinary delight, nutritionally balanced and prepared in a hygienic environment.

LeanSpoon is for people who face the same limitations we faced; it is for people who are conscious about their health and their families’ health; it is for people who want healthy and delicious food; it is for people who want to manage or avoid their ailments like diabetes or hypertension; it is for people who have a health goal be it weight loss or running a marathon or preparing for pregnancy; we will help you get there without needing to completely disrupt your life!
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Saneesha and Gopi – Co-Founders of LeanSpoon
“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” ― Lewis Carroll

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