No More Mistakes with Fast Foods

No More Mistakes with Fast Foods

When we are very hungry and want to rush out the first thing that comes to our mind is a sandwich or a burger. These are easily available and commonly called convenient food.

In the 1950s, fast food was popularized in the United States with less nutritional value respect to other homemade foods and dishes. Fast food is a very tasty, delicious and quickly prepared food item. But it is generally loaded with calories, sugar, salt and bad fat. One serving of fast food can meet up our required calories, sugar, salt and fat for the entire day.  Have we ever thought how badly these fast foods affect us? We will take it up in the second part of the article. Now let’s look at the potential customers of fast food.

  • College teenager
  • Unmarried or bachelors, who stay far from their home
  • Those who does not like cooking and do not know how to cook.
  • Those with no time for cooking.

Here’s How Fast Food Affects Us:
Maximum fast food shops try to use cheapest ingredients for keeping their cost down. It is really very difficult to follow a healthy nutritious diet with having fast food every day. And these are not very hygienic for health. fast foods every day is not a good idea for following reasons: –

  • Obesity- Fast foods contain lots of unhealthy fats or oil and sugar which contribute to gain weight. A small amount of fast food consumption also may increase calorie intake. And having fast food can hamper a good and healthy diet.
  • Heart disease- Fast food’s unhealthy trans and saturated fat might be the responsible for heart diseases. These fats contribute to high cholesterol and it may block the smooth blood flow of the arteries.
  • Diabetes- Sedentary lifestyle, less physical activity with frequently having fast food may lead diabetes.
  • Poor digestion– Fast food seller generally not maintain proper hygiene and they don’t maintain food quality also. As a result of continued uses of fast food may cause poor digestion, lack of appetite, and sometimes food poisoning. And fast food cannot fulfil required dietary allowances.
  • Wastage of money- Sometimes having fast food routine changes into our addiction. That time we spend lots of money on buying fast foods. And we destroy our healthy lifestyle ourselves.

Tips for Healthy Fast Food Consumption:

  • Pay attention to fast food sellers hygiene and make sure they wear gloves while serving the foods and they do air tight packing.
  • Try to take grilled or roasted chicken (avoid red meat) or go with steamed foods like momos and steamed pie.
  • Focus on the portion size. Do not take more than your appetite.

Studies have shown that fast food affects our health badly. It may cause of so many diseases as discussed above. It can hamper our healthy lifestyle routine. Choose a nutritious diet to stay fit and healthy, which is very difficult to maintain with fast food. So keep a safe distance from fast foods.


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