Did you know this about Wheat?

know about Wheat

No food is completely healthy. A food that has a lot of nutritional and health benefits, if consumed in excess quantities becomes hazardous. Similarly, wheat has side effects along with benefits, which aids in people’s assumption that wheat is bad for health.
In India, on an average wheat is included in at least two meals of the day. It is one of the major carbohydrate source. However, now a day many are a little hesitant to include wheat in their diet because of the growing proclamations that wheat is not good for health.

  1. It increases the blood sugar levels. Wheat is a refined grain product which results in the raise of blood sugar levels and because wheat is a food group commonly included in our meals, doctors suggest most of the diabetics to avoid wheat. However, the concept behind this is that the portion of wheat consumed is regulated. But with the news flying rapidly that wheat spikes up the blood sugar levels, it is mostly avoided.
  2. They have high amounts of gluten. Gluten is the protein which gives the dough an elastic property and many people have a difficulty in digesting it. People exhibit symptoms like pain, anaemia, bloating, stool inconsistency, tiredness, among others. Gluten sensitive people cannot easily digest wheat products.
  3. Rich in Phytic acid Phytic acid reduces the absorption of important minerals, which causes people to burn Vitamin D reserves, thus leading to Vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Results in cerebral disorders Gluten is a substance which our body recognizes as a foreign material and takes time to digest. Because of high amounts of gluten in wheat, it results in brain and cerebral disorders like schizophrenia, cerebellar ataxia, autism and epilepsy.
  5. You cannot stop eating wheat once you start including it in your diet. Usually people who have been having roti or chapatti for a long time as a part of their everyday diet, cannot change it or avoid it all at once. Apart from habit, it is also because of the opioid receptors that are stimulated due to gluten. These receptors are present in the brain and get stimulated by drugs like heroin and morphine. Though nothing is officially proved, it could be a reason why many consider wheat as bad for health.

These five characters are the main reasons why many consider wheat as bad for health. Like we’ve mentioned previously, consuming anything in excess is not good for health. So, if wheat is your staple food then try to limit it to once a day or once in two days to avail its benefits.