Interesting ways to incorporate Chia Seeds in Diet

Interesting ways to incorporate Chia Seeds in Diet

Chia Seeds are one of the nutritious and healthy seeds that we can find. It has so many beneficial effects towards health. Consuming them can lead a healthy heart, and aid in complete nourishment. They are also very easy to incorporate into our diet.
Here are a few interesting ways to incorporate in the diet;

  1. In Yogurt & Curd- You can add chia seeds, or sprinkle the seeds on the top of yogurt or curd. That increases the protein level, Vitamin B12 content and calcium availability incredibly. You can include this process to maintain a healthy bone structure and a healthy heart.
  2. In Oatmeal- You can soak the chia seeds in a cup of milk, then you can prepare oats meal with the milk. In this process, the amount of fiber, protein, and vitamins will enhance.
  3. It can be used as an egg substitute – Egg is the example of protein source with high biological value. But they can be taken as an egg substitute. They contain all the essential amino acids which are necessary for the growth and development. In the case of diabetes or hypertension, it is very important to include chia seeds.
  4. In Jam – Chia Seeds can absorb water ten times more than their dry state. It can be a great substitute for pectin in jam. Pectin tastes bitter, substituting pectin with chia seeds mean that you need to add much sugar to your jam to bring the sweet taste.
  5. Mixed with other grains – If you are not fond of the texture of chia seeds, you can mix chia seeds with other grains. You need not follow any different recipe, just mix 1 teaspoon of chia seeds with rice and quinoa, and prepare it.
  6. Adding in cakes – Cakes are usually rich in fat and sugar. Adding Chia seeds to it can enhance the nutritional value of the cake. The amount of fiber, omega-3-fatty acid and protein can be accelerated.
  7. On Salad- You can make your salad more healthy and nutritious by adding chia seeds. Vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, including chia seeds, can enhance the protein value of your salad.
  8. Chia in smoothies – If you are making a smoothie, including chia seeds, can make the smoothie more nutritious.
  9. Chia Water – The easiest way to incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet by adding chia seeds into the water. They absorb water and form a gel texture. To add flavor to the drink you can squeeze lemon to it.
  10. Juice Soaked Chia – You can add chia seeds, into fruit juice. The texture will be same like in the water. But if you are adding them to the juice, the combination will be high in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants as well.

Chia Seeds are one of the nutritious, healthy seeds that we can find. Incorporating chia seeds into your daily life will enhance your nutritional level, and it is heart friendly and can help to reduce the risks of hypertension and diabetes. You can follow the mentioned ways to incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet.
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