How depression and obesity are linked?

How depression and obesity are linked?

How many of you believe that depression is interlinked with obesity?  Few types of researchers state that depression and obesity are linked with various factors, these are considered as a negative burden for an individual, which go hand in hand.

Depression is a feeling of severe joylessness and dejection, it involves decreased physical activity, overeating, getting into junk like fries, sugary beverages, pastries etc. Whereas obesity can lead to sadness, isolation, uncontrolled aggression.
Let us know how obesity and Depression are interlinked to each other.

  1. Obesity causes depression- As per the ongoing researches, it is believed that most of the obese people experience a mood disorder, they may develop low self-esteem, the social isolation which can contribute depression. Due to carrying extra kilos, they may develop diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol level all of which have been linked to depression.
  2. Depression leads to obesity- Depressed people often overeat, and try to feel good by consuming high fat and sugary food items, while avoid exercising. People in this stage like to lead a sedentary lifestyle. This can lead to obesity.
  3. Depression and Obesity share common health hazards- Apparently, there are some common factors like sleep disorders, a sedentary lifestyle which can trigger the chances of both obesity and depression-like unemployment and poverty is a major reason for these two conditions.
  4. Usually, obesity is one of the strong contributing factors for diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol level. An obese individual may develop feelings of dejection due to his health condition, which may lead to recurrent depression.

Control Measures for obesity and depression –

  • Counselling helps to regenerate self-motivation of an individual. Following a right diet with proper activity may help to reduce the depression level. Right counseling from the psychologist or a counselor may develop self-esteem and the individual may lead an active lifestyle.
  • Obesity can be controlled with right lifestyle, that involves right food and right physical activity. A healthy diet, exercise plan, and a disciplined life are necessary to cut off extra kilos.
  • Exercise is an important factor to reduce the symptoms of obesity and depression. Exercise has a control on the nervous system that can control stress, anxiety etc. It is important to have a comprehensive programme to fight against obesity and depression. The right phrase for this condition can be “BE ACTIVE, MAKE RIGHT CHOICES, FEEL BETTER”.

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