A brief note on High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

Interval training is a type of workout routine which includes a few high and low-intensity exercises, with very less recovery time. It’s a short period workout routine which yields better results. For a few selected group of people, HIIT can the right type of workout to achieve their fitness goal.

Who should go for HIIT?

  1. If you have been trying gym and different types of workout, but haven’t seen results, then HIIT might be ‘it’ for you.
  2. Someone who has a tight schedule of work and personal life and cannot squeeze in time for a workout, they can go for HIIT workout.
  3. For an individual who enjoys a fun yet challenging workout, they can opt for HIIT training.


Who shouldn’t opt for HIIT?

  1. If you have any injury or have undergone a surgery then HIIT might not be the right choice of workout. Your injury might worsen or your sutures might rupture.
  2. Heart patients and asthma patients should completely avoid HIIT. This workout causes a lot of heavy breathing and increases in a heartbeat. Hence, it is not advised for these patients.
  3. If you have never worked out in a day, then you should try with something simple and low intensity before opting for HIIT.


Benefits of HIIT workout:

  1. In lesser amount, greater amounts of fat are burnt. Post workout, your body goes into a hyperactivity recovery mode, where it continues to burn fat and calories for the next 24 hours.
  2. As it requires lesser time than a traditional workout, it works for a lot of people who suffer from the time crunch.
  3. The entire body workout happens in the single session which helps in burning more calories.
  4. Helps in building endurance.
  5. During the resting period, the toxins in the muscles are removed in the form of sweat. HIIT detoxifies your body.
  6. You tend to consume better amounts of oxygen during a HIIT workout.
  7. The best advantage of HIIT is that no equipment is required to perform this activity.
  8. It’s a heart-healthy workout routine, where it strengthens your heart muscles and improves the blood flow to arteries.


Workout Module:

  1. While performing HIIT workout, one needs to pay attention to their workout meals. A pre-workout meal should be energy-rich, but it should be slightly higher than what a normal workout needs. As HIIT is high in intensity, it will demand good amounts of energy to perform the workout and high amounts of protein for recovery. So, plan the workout meals accordingly.
  2. Circuit training, Tabata is a couple of HIIT workout examples which are famously followed by many. However, you can opt for a workout routine that you’ve come up yourself. Just ensure that it includes exercises that work on each part of your body. For example, a couple of abs exercises followed by hamstring exercises, leg workout and arms would make a perfect HIIT workout routine for beginners.
  3. As you up the intensity of a HIIT workout, you can break the schedule by making it an abs day, and then a leg day and then an upper body workout. Thus, concentrating on a single body part at a time.
  4. If you have a goal with respect to inches of a body part, then you can concentrate on the workouts of that region regularly while coupling it with another body workout. For example, to lose belly fat, your workout routine could be;
    Abs workout + Stretching
    Abs workout + Hamstring
    Abs workout + leg workout
    Complete upper body workout
    This is just an example.
  5. Hence, a HIIT workout covers an entire body workout. Thus, results in better and quick results. You can either opt for a ‘no-equipment’ routine, or you might go for some simple equipment workouts where you can use the aid of dumbbells, stretch band, skipping rope, etc.,

It is advised to perform a HIIT workout under the guidance of a trainer or professional. If you have any doubts or want to have a chat about this with our nutritionist, then write to us at healthcoach@leanspoon.com or comment below.
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