Guidelines for pre & post-tattoo diet


Tattoo is a type of body transformation where the pigment level of the skin is modified by inserting ink into the upper layer of the skin. This ink can be temporary or permanent. If temporary ink is injected, then the tattoo will be a temporary one and similarly for the permanent one.
Nowadays, getting a tattoo is very common. The art of tattoo has become so popular that the style and flare of it has been increasing over the years. But one thing that we need to pay attention to, is the diet that should be followed before and after getting a tattoo.
Especially in India, the diet is naturally heavy and varied. Oil and sugar are basic ingredients in our diet, which we use in our cooking generously.

Importance of pre-tattoo diet:

  • Eating good food before getting a tattoo will prevent unnecessary inflammation.
  • It will boost your immunity and help in quick healing of the tattoo.
  • Studies have shown that, after getting a tattoo people have developed allergies. So, proper nutrition will prevent you from developing any new allergic reactions.

Importance of post-tattoo diet:

  • After getting a tattoo, there are high chances of bleeding, because the skin gets pierced to inject the ink. Hence if proper nutrition is not provided then it can lead to inflammation and redness.
  • For someone who has recently got a tattoo, should pay good attention to his diet. Improper nutrition has its first impact on our skin. Rashes, inflammation, itching, etc., are the first signs which can be avoided by having a proper diet.

Guidelines for pre-and post-tattoo diet:

  1. Include good amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet, as it will improve the micro nutrient levels in your body, thus boosting your immunity.
  2. Include Vitamin C rich foods, as they help in wound healing. So, add citrus fruits like pineapple, orange, lemon, sweet lime, and vegetables like tomato, bell peppers, etc., in your diet.
  3. Avoid oily foods and deep fried foods.
  4. Pay a lot of attention to your allergies.

Along with enjoying the bliss of modifying your body, also take care of your diet and health to avoid any complications. If you’d like to know more or have any doubts, then write back to us at or comment below so that our team of nutritionists can get back to you.