The art of living young forever


We grow every day in different ways. We grow emotionally, physically, socially and this growth is something that we cannot avoid. Growth is a part of our life and our nature. If this growth or ageing stops that is when it is abnormal.
Most of the people are looking for different ways to stop the process of ageing and to stay young. But many fails to understand that to be young, one need not stop the process of ageing. They just need to learn the art of living healthy.
Here are a few tips to embrace this healthy and refreshing art;

1. Stay physically active:

Ageing or the feeling of ‘being old’ starts when you become physically lazy. Stay physically active by indulging yourself in some kinds of exercise, or any physical activity. When you exert some physical stress, a chemical in your brain called ‘endorphins’ are released, that will give you a happy feeling which ultimately will make you feel young and energetic. Apart from this, regular exercising and leading an active lifestyle will keep you away from a lot of cardio vascular diseases and make sure you are healthy.

2. Mingle with the youth:

Every age group has different ideologies and being with different age groups will give you an insight on these varied thought processes. Mingling with the youth will make you feel young.

3. Travel often:

Everyone needs a change of place occasionally. Though practically it is difficult to shift to new places regularly, one can always travel to new places. Be spontaneous and travel to different places. It will give you peace of mind and refresh your mood.

4. Be open to try new cuisines:

Food is directly connected to our emotions. Good food will automatically boost your mood and lighten up your spirits. So, be open to try new cuisines and experiment with different foods. Eating healthy is very important but it doesn’t have to be boring.

5. Step out of the routine:

As you grow old, you tend to fall into a routine or more likely, you discipline yourself in doing certain things in certain ways. Break that routine. Go out to different places, try new things and new ways, break the routine which classifies your life as a bore.

6. Don’t get into serious talks too often:

Speaking about intense topics, philosophies and sharing your wisdom to others can give you an elderly feeling. So, get into such topics only if the need arises otherwise stick to light and easy going topics.

7. Be romantic:

Don’t let the spark die in between you and your partner. Plan for dates and outings with your beloved. When you keep the romance alive, your heart will automatically stay young.
These are a few tips to stay young mentally. When you are mentally young then your physical state will also be active and young.
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