A Short Note On Himalayan Salt


Have you heard of ‘Himalayan salt’? It is majorly used in healthy products and is quite expensive too. Let’s dive down into the information of what is Himalayan salt and the reason behind its specialty.

Himalayan salt comes from the salt mine, deep below the Himalayan mountain. It contains over 84 minerals and trace elements which makes it nutrient rich. It is famously known as Himalayan pink salt and as the name suggests, it’s pink in color. The evaporated and crystallized life-sustaining minerals, under the heat of the sun, form the “Himalayan Pink Salt”.
As the Himalayan salt is formed in a natural way, it contains more minerals when compared to processed table salt.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt – Its electrolytes and minerals provide a lot of health benefits such as;

  1. It’s sodium content balances body pH.
  2. It’s vital minerals help in maintaining electrolytic balance in the body which is important for proper functioning of the tissue and muscle regeneration and blood circulation.
  3. It helps to flush out the toxin from the body and detoxifying the body.
  4. Improves digestion by aiding the digestive tract in absorbing other nutrients.
  5. The electrolytes help in preventing muscle cramps. Pink salts can both prevent and ease muscle cramps by keeping the body hydrated.
  6. Reduce acid reflux – It can be used as a natural antacid by mixing one teaspoon of the salts into a full glass of water and drinking.
  7. Natural source of iodine – Unlike table salts that have fortified with iodine, Himalayan salts provide a natural source of iodine to support important bodily functions such as thyroid gland functioning.
  8. Water retention is reduced to a minimum by replacing table salt with Himalayan pink salt.



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