Expert’s Speak on Obesity – II


In the last article we spoke about obesity and its basics, in this article let’s discuss further on obesity and the ways to deal with it.

  1. How good or bad are fad diets?

Fad diets are something which should not be played with. A genuine fad diet would include a series of diets for weight loss, for a certain duration. This can be recommended to initiate a weight loss goal which can be followed for a short duration, say for a week or two until a healthy result is observed like a sudden shift in body metabolism. A sudden loss of weight is observed in the individual, which is only due to fluid loss but not fat loss. A person who started a fad diet should immediately get back to a healthy nutritious diet, to effectively maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Are bariatric surgeries or liposuction good solution for obesity?

For a person who is in the last stage of obesity, a bariatric surgery or liposuction can be opted as a last resort. However, they should rebound on lifestyle modification and a nutritious diet as well, after the surgery. It is one of the options, but should only be chosen if nothing else works.

  1. What is the role of exercise to reduce obesity?

Exercise plays a key role in reducing obesity along with diet. One can’t simply depend on exercise and let go of diet if they want to lose weight. Exercise is solely to increase the calorie burn and metabolism, which depends on the intensity and the type of exercise. It will also help them in balancing their hormonal levels which must be maintained in order to reduce obesity, lose weight and attain positive results.

  1. Lifestyle changes one has to make other than diet & exercise?

Lifestyle itself is the word which sums up everything. It includes stress, daily routine, exercise, diet & sleep, etc., One should manage all these in such a way that the main culprit, ‘Stress’ is managed well. With proper schedule to cook, exercise, work, complete daily chores, etc., must be followed on a daily basis, which will automatically cut down the stress and will help in reducing obesity.

  1. Vitamin B12 has been in trend now? How is it related to weight loss?

There is no evidential support that Vitamin B12 aids in weight loss or weight gain. It is nothing but a myth that vitamin B12 is somehow linked to weight loss. However, the B vitamins play a major role in body metabolism thus effecting the weight loss or gain, but that is also a far shot. The non-conclusive fact is that this micro mineral does not play a significant role in weight management.
In the next article know more on chief reasons for obesity, role of a qualified nutritionist and LeanSpoon’s role in helping one deal with it. If any of you have any doubts leave your message at, you will get your answers in our next article.