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The wacky world of DNA

The wacky world of DNA

Can you roll your tongue? Damn, I just can’t! How about your earlobes? Are they attached or unattached? Remember that man who came to drop off your pizza the other night? His fingers were so hairy! You looked down to see if you have the same problem…come on now, don’t deny it! Oh and those dimples on that girl at the mall! Uffff!! Killer! Why does my girlfriend not have them?

We’ve all noticed these differences, and we all know why these differences exist amongst us. Yes, It’s genetics.

We all share about 99.9% DNA with each other. Whaaaaat? It’s true. That 0.1% difference in our genetic make up is what makes Hrithik Roshan look spectacularly handsome in his new photoshoot, while the genetic counsellor in my team can never seem to look better than a Rhesus monkey, no matter how hard he tries! It’s this 0.1% difference that led to our HR manager losing so much weight over the last 2 weeks, while I’m pretty sure I gained a few kilos just by THINKING about cheesecake…ooh, cheesecake…

… It’s also this 0.1% difference that makes us susceptible to different diseases and dictates how we respond to the same drugs (I’m talking medicine here college kids! Calm self).

But as with everything else in life, our genes can also go absolutely nuts sometimes! Read on to know some facts about the Wacky world of our DNA.

Let’s start with some basics:

  • The human genome contains about 30,000 genes made up of 3.2 billion nucleotide bases.
  • If you take out your entire DNA, it would kill you, yes, but laid end to end, it would stretch from the earth to the moon 6000 times!
  • You could fit 25,000 strands of DNA side by side in the width of a single adult hair.
  • Your genes only make up about 2% of the DNA, while 8% of your DNA comes from ancient retroviruses.
  • You share about 99.9% DNA with every other human on the planet including Hugh Jackman. Feeling good about ourselves are we? You share the same amount with Lalu Pra…let’s not go there. Also, you share 98% DNA with chimpanzees, 92% with mice, and about 50% with Bananas! Yes Bananas.
  • Red Blood Cells are the only cells in our body that do not possess DNA.
  • If you wanted to type out the entire genetic code (I’d judge you slightly) – Assuming you can type up to 200 letters a minute, and don’t take a single break; It would take you about 29 years to finish. So I’d suggest taking a pee break BEFORE you sit down to do this. Just saying.
  • Not a fan of typing? Then try reciting the ATGCs in your DNA. Start tomorrow morning, non-stop, and at the rate of about 100 per minute, and you’ll be done by the year 2074.
  • Your paramour can SMELL your DNA. (I don’t know if this fascinates me or creeps me out.)

Article contributed by Mapmygenome:

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