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Drawbacks of Bariatric Surgery

March 17, 2018 |

One of the most talked about surgery in town to lose weight has its own pros and cons.  Each type of bariatric surgery is different and its own effects on your body. In the following points, we have summarized the … Read More

I Know How You Lost Weight Last Summer!!!

February 20, 2018 |

“If you squeeze some lime into your cup of green tea, you can absorb iron better.” I stared at the computer screen and realized that my lunchbox (filled with cooked greens) was yet to be consumed. The world came crashing down … Read More

Benefits of Stretching exercises

February 5, 2018 |

To make any workout routine or an exercise schedule result yielding, it is very important to stretch muscles before and after a workout.

A series of exercises which will work towards stretching muscles are called as stretching exercises. Flexibility or … Read More

Lemon Grass – A Weight Loss Herb

January 30, 2018 |

Lemongrass is a herb which is used in international meals to improve the flavour of the food. It is also known as fever grass in the Asian countries.

Apart from its flavour, it is also known for its medicinal and … Read More

5 Benefits of 'Skipping-rope' Exercise

April 4, 2016 |

‘Skipping-rope’ Exercise is an excellent exercise that can help you stay fit. The best part about it is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. It is a very good exercise for people who are trying to shed extra kilos post-pregnancy, people … Read More

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