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The wacky world of DNA

February 13, 2018 |

Can you roll your tongue? Damn, I just can’t! How about your earlobes? Are they attached or unattached? Remember that man who came to drop off your pizza the other night? His fingers were so hairy! You looked down to see … Read More

How depression and obesity are linked?

September 26, 2017 |

How many of you believe that depression is interlinked with obesity?  Few types of researchers state that depression and obesity are linked with various factors, these are considered as a negative burden for an individual, which go hand in hand. … Read More

Health Disadvantages of Shift Workers

September 11, 2017 |

In recent work pattern, it is visible that people perform shift work, which also includes night shift. It is common in the field of Informational Technology and Medical.

Shift work is work that takes place on a schedule outside the … Read More

Cerebral Palsy – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

August 22, 2017 |

Have you heard about cerebral palsy? It is a condition that affects the movement in different parts of the body and has much severity in neurological health.

The word cerebral means brain, palsy means paralysis of certain muscles. Cerebral Palsy … Read More

9 Low Fat Food Groups

December 13, 2016 |

Fat is one of the essential nutrients for our body, though an excess of fat consumption can lead to common disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, atherosclerosis), diabetes, high stress, low quality of sleep etc.

Here are some important … Read More

Walk Your Way to Good Health!

October 26, 2016 |

We are aware that walking has enormous health benefits and it is the easiest way to maintain fitness for all age groups. It doesn’t require any special equipment, training and most of all; it is free unlike other exercise programs. … Read More

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