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Honey – It’s more than a weight loss solution

Honey - More than a weight loss solution

Honey is generally used as detox drink in the morning assuming it will help in weight loss. But its benefits are more than just weight loss like it provides required nourishment and energy to the body.

Nutritive value of honey is placed as; one tablespoon gives you 64 calories and has no fat and cholesterol. At the same time, it has some traces of vitamins and minerals.

 Here’s a detailed note on its benefits;

  1. Helps to improve skin health – Honey has anti-bacterial properties which makes it good for skin. It can be used either in the raw form or combined with other foods like fruits. It moisturizes body when applied as the mask, and nourishes body when consumed.
  2. Reduces a cough and throat irritation – Honey coats the throat and keeps it calm by soothing the nerve ending that protects the throat.
  3. Helps with scrapes and burns- Because of its antibiotic nature, it can help soothe and treat wounds and burns. Simply apply honey on wounds and burns, which will disinfect the wound.
  4. Helps to suppress acid reflux- It helps to reduce symptoms associated with acid reflux by consuming one teaspoon of the spoon before the major meal.
  5. Improve immune system – Because of its antioxidant property, it removes damaging oxidants from a body. Take one teaspoon of honey with warm water and lemon juice.
  6. Helps to prevent and fight cancer- It has flavonoids and phenolic compound that helps to fight against tumor and cancer by consuming one teaspoon of raw honey.
  7. Helps to get better sleep- Natural honey when taken prior to bed is believed to fuel liver, speed up fat metabolism. Eases stress hormones and helps to get a better night’s sleep.

 Now let’s look at some myths and facts:

  1. Myth – Low quality honey gets crystallized
    Fact – Crystallization is a natural process within honey, it is not the sign that honey is spoiled or is of low quality.  TIP – Keep the container in warm water.
  2. Myth- Darker honey is not good as lighter honey
    Fact – Different types of honey have different color and texture. The color of the honey has nothing to do with their nutritive value.
  3. Myth- Children should not eat honey
    Fact – Honey is a perfect alternative to sugary snacks for children. However, it is recommended that you do not feed honey to children under 18months of age.
  4. Myth – It’s not good to consume honey with metal spoon
    Fact- Honey is acidic, consuming honey in a spoon is few secs/mins process where corrosion of metal is not done. But storing of the metal spoon in a honey container should not be done.


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