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Health Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

benefits of rice bran oil

Have you heard about rice bran oil? It is one of the widespread used vegetable oil.

The oil is extracted from the germ and husk of rice kernels. Rice Bran Oil contains high smoking point, so in high-temperature cooking methods, it abides the nutrients from damage. It is mostly praised for its Vitamin E, fatty acids balance, the presence of antioxidants and cholesterol-lowering abilities.

Let us know the health benefits of Rice Bran Oil:

  1. Improves cholesterol profile
    It contains good fats, and hence controls the cholesterol. Thus, reduces the chances of heart risks like hypertension, abnormally high cholesterol profile, atherosclerosis etc.
  2. Cancer Prevention
    Rice Bran Oil is enriched with anti-oxidants both in different forms like Vitamin E and a compound called oryzanol. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, thus lowering the effects of free radicles which can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancer producing cells. Including rice bran oil can help to prevent cancer.
  3. Early Aging
    Vitamin E has a beneficial effect on health and wellness of the skin. Rice bran oil can enhance the level of Vitamin E, which can trigger the wound healing, increase cellular regeneration, lower the wrinkles and it also prevents from sunburn.
  4. Weight loss effect
    Though rice bran oil is high in calorie, as it contains a good combination of fats so usually the oil does not allow deposition of fats in the body. Limited usage of rice bran oil can help to reduce weight.
  5. Rich in fiber
    Usually, oils are not a good example of fiber rich food but rice bran oil is an exception as it is rich in fiber.

The beneficial effects of rice bran oil are very impressive. Rice bran oil is now being used by a maximum percentage of people as it is nutritionally balanced and cost wise cheap than other available oils in the market. Rice bran oil is widely used in the hospitals due to its good fat composition because the diet in the hospital demands heart friendly food.

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