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Benefits of Stretching exercises

Benefits of Stretching exercises

To make any workout routine or an exercise schedule result yielding, it is very important to stretch muscles before and after a workout.

A series of exercises which will work towards stretching muscles are called as stretching exercises. Flexibility or stretching is usually defined as a range of motion along a joint, which includes various twists and turns. Importantly, before and after any exercise or sport or physical activity, stretching should be done. The benefits and importance of this exercise are listed below;

  1. Stretching, relieves stress, ache and pains in your muscles. It contracts and relaxes the muscles quite a few times and prepares your muscles for the day’s strenuous activities.
  2. As it pulls your muscles and relaxes them, the posture with which you perform the exercise corrects and improves.
  3. Stretching your lower back, shoulder and chest muscles will keep your standing posture and spinal cord in alignment.
  4. Flexibility is improved in an individual with good stretching exercises. The range of motion also improves along with flexibility.
  5. Experimentally, it’s proven that the stamina during workout improves with good stretching exercises.
  6. Injuries or pulling a nerve during the exercise or any physical activity can be avoided with right amount of stretches prior to the workout.
  7. Tight muscles might cause a feeling of tiredness or lethargy. Good stretches can lower this and immediately give a boost of energy. One can try stretching at their work place or during the day, to chase away sleepiness or tiredness.
  8. As it relieves the stress in muscles by relaxing and contracting them, the flow of blood to these muscles in also improved. Thus, it leads to less post-workout injuries and soreness.
  9. If the chest and shoulder muscles are stretched in the right way, regularly the heart arteries are prevented from hardening, thus helps in avoiding heart diseases.
  10. Good blood circulation resulted by stretching can lead to good cell growth which relaxes the blood pressure and makes it consistent.

Not only before and after a workout or a sport, but also in general stretching has the above-mentioned benefits that can lead to a healthy life. Stretching can be performed early in the morning after waking up or before going to bed.

If you’d like to know more or share any thoughts on stretching exercises, then please write to us at or leave a comment below. Our nutrition team will get in touch with you.


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