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Are you ready for a marathon?


What makes you ready for a marathon? Running for a marathon is the definitely a great job but can be made fun if you have managed your lifestyle at least 4 months before marathon. As you once start running marathons, you are good to go as you are always prepared.

There are 5 important aspects in your lifestyle which you need to modify to get ready for marathon. Let’s see about each aspect in detail.

  1. Water: Your body needs water for metabolism and functioning, on a daily basis. And in order to run a marathon, your body needs to stay hydrated and used to drinking so much of water. 4 to 5 liters of water a day, is what you need to start drinking, at least 3 to 4 months prior to the actual marathon.
  2. Sleep: A good sleep will give your body the required rest and help you in having a refreshing start of your day. Your memory power, mood, everything depends on your quality and quantity of sleep. A sound sleep for 6 to 7 hours is what you need to maintain a good health and thus makes you ready for marathon run in a successful manner.
  3. Stress: Being stressful and running a marathon might not be a great idea. Your stress levels will affect your blood pressure, mood and other physiological functions. Hence, without rectifying your stress, you cannot begin your preparation for a marathon.
  4. Physical activity: Prior physical training is very important, at least for 3 to 4 months, before you run a marathon. This physical activity includes strength training, cardio, running, stretching and other workout sessions. After preparing your body through this physical stress, you will become ready to run a marathon in a full stretched way.
  5. Diet: A balanced diet is very important for an individual who wants to run a marathon. Adequate amount of protein will build you the muscle, fat will protect your internal organs, vitamins and minerals will boost your immunity and carbohydrates will give you the energy which are mandatory in a marathon preparation.

Prepare your body with these 5 aspects to be ready to run a marathon. And for more information, you can write to us at so that our nutritionists can get back to you.

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