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About Us

Our aim is a ‘Healthier You’, through a ‘Healthy lifestyle’.

The LeanSpoon team is dedicated to making a healthier you possible, simple and fun. We do this through healthier tasty food and through nutrition guidance. There is more to a healthy lifestyle than a one size fits all plan, after all, each body is unique, and each one has a unique health goal too.

Started in 2015, through the vision of the founders to ensure reliable nutrition information and healthy food accessible, LeanSpoon has grown in vision, team and ambition.

Based in Hyderabad, over the last 6 months the expert team has reimagined the path to a new you, healthier, happier, and closer to your goals, and we are sure this will impact your wellness and of the city, and soon the country.

What makes LeanSpoon special, is that we will get you to a healthy lifestyle that is uniquely yours and connected to your health goal, may it be weight loss, running a marathon or preparing for pregnancy.

We walk the talk too. That’s why we have an experienced team – academically and practically – to not only show you the direction for your health goals, but also build the path to get you there. Though, it is only you who can take that path, but don’t worry, we will be with you all the way.

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